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The Making of the United Cutlery Lord of the Rings Swords

The Making of the Sword of the Witchking



The Making of Sting



Comparison of the full size Sting to the Sting Mini Sword




The Making of Glamdring



The Making of Narsil



Comparison of  the United Cutlery Shards of Narsil to the movie prop... the UC version is on the right and movie prop is on the left.




The Making of the Shards of Narsil



A comparison of the United Cutlery Ringwraith sword to the movie prop... 
the actual movie prop is on the right and UC version is on 
the left.  





The Making of Strider's Ranger Sword


Comparison of United Cutlery's Strider's Ranger Sword to the movie prop... 
The movie prop is on the left and the UC version is on the right.





The Making of Hadhafang, the Sword of Arwen



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